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A Day in the Life of Nessie, Part I June 2, 2010

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First of all, thank you for the kind comments and support!  I’m excited that people are actually interested in reading this!

I thought I’d kick off my first entry by writing a little bit about my diet, and begin taking you through an average day with me.  Let me just say, right off the bat, I do NOT calorie count and I do NOT do fad diets.  The latter is more obvious– fad diets are great for a short-term weight loss that you will not keep off.  They aren’t realistic in the long-term since they usually involve eating extremes, but I’m sorry, no one is just going to eat grapefruit for the rest of their lives.

The former may be a bit confusing to people.  I DO portion control.  But calorie counting (and programs like Weight Watchers) are dangerous for someone like me, who will eat an ice cream sundae and a salad all day.  You might lose weight if you keep it under a certain number of calories, but it’s too tempting to eat a little junk food in lieu of a lot of healthy food.  Plus, I’m prone to binge eating, and eating healthy has helped me get that under control, or if I just can’t help myself, binge out on a big pile of crunchy green beans instead of potato chips.

Disclaimer:  When i first started dieting, I didn’t eat nearly as healthy as I do now, and I still lost weight.  My first step was to cut out all white flour and white sugar.  I lost about 10lbs and then plateaued, so I cut out all starchy carbs (rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes, and no, i don’t care if it’s whole wheat, it counts).  I lost about 20lbs more, and then plateaued again.  So now, I eat a very low carbohydrate, high protein and fat diet.  No, this is not Atkins.  I eat lots and lots of veggies.  Generally, I try to eat between 50g-100g of carbohydrates a day (from fruit or root vegetables).  My diet is surprisingly high in fat!   At the end of this food series, i’ll show everyone a nifty pie graph of what I eat during the day, and I swear, over half of it is fat!   And yes, i’m losing weight doing it. So, without further ado, here’s the first part of my daily diet!

My Workday Breakfast

Drink ingredients:

1/2 cup 1% milk

1/2 cup unsweetened blueberry & pomegranate green tea

Breakfast ingredients:

1 cup low-fat cottage cheese

1/2 cup strawberries

2 tbsp flax seeds

I should say now that I absolutely HATED cottage cheese AND milk.  So, let me now introduce you to my two healthy breakfast saviors:

I add stevia extract to both the milk/green tea concoction and stevia and vanilla extract to my cottage cheese.  Be careful with the stevia!  You only need a little sprinkle– it’s a lot stronger than regular sugar.  The flax seeds are a recent addition, but I really love the nutty taste they add to the mix.  I’ve gone from being completely grossed out by cottage cheese to now looking forward with bated breath to my breakfasts!  But if you absolutely can’t stomach it, plain low-fat Greek yogurt is an OK substitute.

My Weekend Breakfast


1 whole egg

5 egg whites

1 clove garlic


1/4 cup feta cheese

splash of milk


First, I sautée the spinach and the garlic in a medium sauce pan.  While it’s cooking, I crack the eggs and mix them with the milk.  Then I put the sautéed spinach, garlic, and whatever spices you want (I’m a oregeno and garlic salt fan) in with the eggs and whisk it all together with a fork.  I cook the omelet on medium heat until the top stops being soupy, and then I add the 1/4 cup feta and fold.  I cook it for a couple more minutes on each side, and voila!  Delicious Greek-style, healthy egg omelet.  One of the bonuses of this breakfast is that I didn’t use my one serving of sugary fruit in it, so I get to have a Larabar later on as a snack!

Also, my breakfast isn’t complete without my arsenal of vitamins/supplements!

So, that’s that!  If you’re dying to see what I have for lunch, you’ll have to look for my next installment of A Day in the Life of Nessie!   Also, I love feedback!  Have any breakfast suggestions?  What is your diet like?  Was any of this helpful?  Let me know!


21 Responses to “A Day in the Life of Nessie, Part I”

  1. Katy Says:

    Holy moly, that’s a ton of vitamins!

    Breakfast is my absolute favorite. Mike and I get brunch at this place called the Glenwood on campus and I always get the avocado omelette. It has spinach, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, avocados and a little bit of cream cheese, but it’d still be great without it. I always feel incredibly energized after I have it, with a side of fruit!

    I’m also a huge fan of plain, nonfat Nancy’s yogurt. But maybe I feel obligated since it’s made just a few minutes from my house :). It’s great with whatever berries are in season mixed with a little honey. Yum!

    • Mmmm, brunch is the best! I am super-broke, so my blog will inadvertently also be a living healthy on the cheap blog. Don’t expect to see too many restaurant reviews on it 😦 That omelet sounds delicious though!
      You should try switching to Greek yogurt– it’s usually much higher in protein and lower in carbs. Try adding the flax seeds to it! It’s delicious, i swear! Have you ever tried Stevia? Honey is delicious and healthy if you don’t care about losing weight, but we’ve talked about weight loss a lot. Try out stevia instead and see how you like it and if you notice a difference on the scale? It’s crazy how little tiny changes like that have a big impact. The trainers i’ve gone to see talk a lot about how a high fat diet is good, but if you pair it with sugar, it can make you gain weight, especially in the tummy area for some reason. I’d love to do more research on this. Have you heard anything about it?

      • Katy Says:

        Nothing about it! I’m also totally broke, and the only reason I can go out for brunch is because of Mike :). What are the major differences between a nonfat, unsweetened yogurt like Nancy’s and greek? They both pretty much taste the same to me, but the greek one is always more expensive!

        How did you decide on which supplements to take? Did you take any before? My mom always pounded into me that I should take them, but I never really get myself to. I feel funny when I take vitamins, and usually just listen to what my body tells me to eat. So there are times where I’ll fork out money for artichokes or chard if I’m feeling like I need iron. I dunno, perhaps I’m a bit of a minority since there seems to be such a push for vitamin supplements. Shrug 🙂

      • Katy Says:

        PS: Do you eat any bread at all?

        PPS: I also just realized you explained the greek yogurt thing. I guess my main question is: is there anything wrong with eating the nancy’s I eat? haha.

        PPPS (ahh!): When you say the no sugar with high fat diets, do you mean natural sugar, as well? And if so, how do you manage to get your fruit intake? 🙂

      • Hmm… if you feel funny when you take vitamins, you should probably skip it! Taking them with milk and food makes my tummy not upset. And I started with just a multi vitamin and vitamin B, C, and D supplements, and then just slowly added on stuff from there. My Dr. told me i needed the D supplements, since i had a deficiency. I spent some time browsing Walgreens and just looking at all the neat stuff. A nutritionist a lot of my coworkers have seen really recommended fish oil, and the flax oil is always talked about in my Health magazine. The collagen was just on sale, heh. The cranberry i started after a nasty UTI recently. I only take the fiber when i -ahem- need it, which isn’t very often.
        As for the bread, no, no bread. There’s a lot of stuff out there about how bad wheat/gluten is for you, and i’m not sure what i think exactly, but i know that if i want to lose weight, i can’t eat it, even whole wheat type stuff.
        As for the fruit, i only eat 1-2 servings a day of very specific fruits that have low glycemic indexes (specifically berries and cantelope or honey dew), although i do occasionally have Larabars when i go climbing. I’m not a “food pyramid” fan, but i more than make up for my lack of fruit with veggies.

      • Katy Says:


        I stumbled across an interesting website/community after googling high fat diets (after reading your response) and it’s called primal living… have you heard of it? I absolutely hate following diets or confining myself to rules, but what was interesting about it is that it’s largely what I often gravitate toward doing myself. I don’t know how you feel about different types of intermittent fasting, but I’m a huge proponent of only eat if you’re hungry, and I think a big part of my recent weight gain is Mike’s fear of skipping meals.

        Thanks for keeping this blog, V! It’s awesome and inspiring. I think I’m ready to fully dedicate myself to the lifestyle I’ve mostly been living for years now. Just gotta tighten up on my little slips 🙂

  2. Elena Says:

    That’s a really smart idea actually, especially when you look at it gender specific. Women NEED fat to make hormones. Cholesterol is converted into estrogen, especially. You need fat and protein for your adrenals as well, especially if you’re exercising a lot to nourish them so you don’t end up with whacked out cortisol. Love love love your omelet idea 😀 And thank goodness someone I know has a Supplement Spread like me. My counter is definitely not naked hahaha. Go Vanessa!!

    • I wish i knew more about the hormones! For me, eating something like that keeps me full and satisfied for longer, and feel so much more energetic than I ever have before. One of the things my trainers talked about was not eating a lot of sugar with a diet like that, though, or it’ll start making you store fat. I’m not quite sure WHY though. Have you read anything about it?

  3. Tes Says:

    I make the same omelet for my son, he loves pinach. These look like a healthy & delicious recipe. My family will enjoy a lot.

  4. Ruthie Says:

    Oh how I miss eggs!!!
    I’ve basically gone vegan, Ness. Dun dun dunnn!!!

    I usually am on the run for breakfast, and eat a Larabar and have some tea. But, if I’m in the mood, lately I’ve been making cream of wheat (lots of iron!), with a splash of soy or almond milk and sprinkle some stevia on it.
    Talking about breakfast, I think I’ll go make some now. This is going to be a coffee morning though 😛

    • Ruthie! I could never go vegan. I love protein so much now! I’m not even afraid to cook with it anymore. How do you feel like your body is responding to the change? How do you still manage to get all your protein in?

      • Ruthie Says:

        I never thought I would be able to go vegan either, but I basically did! (sometimes at work I’ll have a cheese sandwich because that is all I can seem to get at the cafeteria) To have a balanced diet, you only need 10-15% of your calorie intake to be protein. (I never knew that until this year at nursing school, seems like the meat industry crams it in our head that we need all this protein) I’m not a fan of tofu, but I eat a lot of beans, tempeh, and seitan, and I definitely feel satisfied! I did gain weight this year, but that is because I stress ate and had a nightmare of a year and barely had time to even shower let alone exercise…and I learned how to make vegan cookies and cupcakes, ahem.
        Getting off track. I eat enough protein. Too much protein isn’t really good for you. Too many ketones in your body, that going through kidneys can actually damage them, plus it pulls out electrolytes with it. My body actually responded awesomely. I’m never constipated, my body feels cleaner, I’m not eating diseased and tortured animals (I’m sounding like a typical bitter vegetarian, heh, but I’ve been doing some reading about factory farming. I remember you saying you get the good stuff, which is like 1% of the animal meat in this country!), and I eat plenty of veggies and get my missing omegas from flax oil and B vitamins from other sources.

        Oh and about flax! I recently heard, oddly, I think on NPR, that eating the actual seeds, you don’t get the benefits of flax. I think you need to grind them up, or take it as an oil. Sorry I just wrote an entry myself here! 😛 And dude, that omelet looks to DIE for. I can’t wait to see whatcha been throwing together out there.

      • Interesting! In the end my diet is actually more than half fat, and then protein. It’s interesting you talk about constipation, i haven’t had any of my normal tummy troubles since i started eating this way! Eliminating gooey carbs and adding a lot of veggies helped.
        Ahhh, i wish i knew that about the flax seeds! But they are so tasty. I’ll get the ground ones next time i buy them. I hope they are still just as delicious!

  5. Ruthie Says:

    p.s. I see that you take flax seed oil. Have you ever tried eating it? Put it on a salad or something? It’s much nicer eating it than taking the pill! It’s full of girl loving omegas 🙂 I like to make some toast and put some flax seed oil on it, and put a little nutritional yeast on it.

    • I’ve actually just started eating the flax seeds– but i’m not too sure if i get the same benefits from them. Do you know if i do?

      • Shelley Says:

        Are you grinding the flax seeds? If not, you should, because the body has a hard time digesting them whole and you won’t get all the health benefits!

      • They’re so tiny! I’m not grinding them or anything though… how would i do that? I guess they sell them ground, right…?

  6. Shelley Says:

    I believe that a coffee bean grinder works….not my idea, I think I read this somewhere!

  7. Nicole Says:

    Since you don’t eat pasta, do you know about tofu shirataki noodles?! I make them all the time as a pasta substitute bc they are sooooo low on calories.

    • I will have to check those out! I’ve never heard of them before… where can i find them?

      • Nicole Says:

        I used to go to my local health food store to find them, but I recently saw that even Shoprite carries them now! They’d be in a refrigerated section by other tofu products. They look gross bc they are in this liquidy bag, but when you put on some sauce it’s like magic spaghetti!

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