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Living Healthy Secrets: My Little Black Book June 3, 2010

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This little black book isn’t magic, but it may as well be.  Recently, someone asked me how I manage to not fall off the healthy wagon.  After thinking about it, I realized that the #1 reason why I’m able to stay healthy is just this simple, black, pocket-sized planner.

Food Journal

What’s the big secret?  Honestly, there isn’t one.  Every nutritionist/fitness guru will tell you one of the best ways to start watching your diet more closely is to write EVERYTHING down.  EVERYTHING.  Once you start having to write down every last stolen french fry, you start to realize how much they add up.  In the past two years, whenever I have stopped writing down what I’ve eaten, my weight has plateaued.  I think Oh, I don’t need that old thing anymore!  I know how to eat healthy! And every time, a month or two will pass, and I’ll come crawling back to the little guy with a bouquet of roses and a brand new, pretty pen, promising I’ll never leave it again.

Workout Log

But my little black book is more than just a food journal.  For one, it’s also my workout log.  Every exercise I do, I write in there.  This seems simple and a little silly, but it gives me a HUGE sense of accomplishment to write down what I do everyday and stare at it proudly on the page.  What I’ve started to do recently is write what i PLAN on doing instead of what I’ve done, and put a satisfying little check mark next to it when I’ve done it.  I haven’t missed a workout since I’ve started doing this– i couldn’t bear the shame of having a big “X” over what I was supposed to do staring me in the face.

Weigh-in Log

This versatile little book is also my weekly weigh-in log.  So, I’m going to confess something.  I weigh myself WAY more than is healthy (and I actually plan on devoting a whole entry to this sometime in the future).  I weigh myself 5-10 times everyday.  I can’t explain why.  It’s sort of just a strange compulsion– I’m curious about my different weights throughout the day, about my scale’s inconsistencies, about how much my clothing weighs, and,… well, you get the picture.  This could potentially be an extremely unhealthy habit.  So how do I let normal weight changes not get me down?  I have a weekly weigh-in with myself!  Every Saturday, I go to the bathroom, put on my birthday suit, and I get on the scale.  And that, my friends, is my weight.  I can look back in my book for three months and tell you what I weighed every week.  I can also check back and see exactly what I did right on the weeks that I lost weight, or when I plateaued and why.  I can also see my monthly patterns emerge (for example, PMS=an extra 1lb or a plateau, but then the next week I’ll drop more than usual).

And, obviously…    Planner

But wait, there’s MORE!  Ok, this one might be a little obvious, but it’s also a daily planner.  So, use it for you daily planning.  Duh.

So, if there’s one healthy living tip I could make mandatory, it would be this one.  Go to your local book store, pick out a cute daily planner and a pretty gel pen, and start planning out your healthy future!


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