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A Week Recorded: Day 1 August 2, 2010

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Today will be the first of seven installments containing my diet and exercise for the week.  Basically, this blog will be my little black book.  Remember, each day is actually the day prior– so here’s Saturday!

8:00 a.m.:   To prepare for my first day back at Bikram yoga, I woke up nice and early and started my day by drinking three HUGE glasses of water.  I needed to eat something small and wholesome, so I scarfed down a Luna bar and a glass of PG Tips tea (officially the only tea I like) with fat-free milk and stevia.

10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.: Bikram Yoga! I signed up for the Bikram yoga challenge, which means I get unlimited Bikram for two months!  Ideally, I should go five days a week to “complete” the challenge, but I worked it out that, even on the best weeks during the school year, I’ll only be able to make four days.  Oh well.  I was VERY nervous about going back after having not been in a month, but I surprised myself!  I was able to keep up with the class without feeling over-whelmed, and I even did better in some of the poses I had been really struggling with!  I’m not sure why my eagle pose magically improved, but I’m not complaining.  I’ve still got a long way to go, though, so I’m looking forward to improving my poses over these next few months.  If I get good enough, I’ll even post some pictures!

12:45: Normally I like to eat a real meal after yoga, but I only had time to grab a single serving bag of raw almonds from Trader Joe’s as I ran out the door for my haircut appointment!  Even though I’ve been missing my long hair and I got it cut a bit shorter than I expected to, I really love the dramatic asymmetry of the cut.  I’m messy, sweaty, and have an enormous protruding chin zit, but here are some pictures.

3:00:  I was starving by this point, so I made myself a HUGE salad with romaine lettuce, 2 plum tomatoes from my garden, 1/2 a cucumber, artichoke hearts, 4 slices of turkey, 1/4 a cup of shaved Parmesan cheese, 1/4 of an avocado, and about 2 TBSP of fat-free balsamic vinaigrette.

Even after that enormous heaping pile of food, I was still hungry, so I had 10 macadamia nuts as an added meal bonus.

7:30: I don’t have any good dinner food in the house yet, so instead I made myself an omelet with 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg, spinach, eggplant, and 1/4 cup of low-fat mozzarella cheese.  This wasn’t enough to leave me feeling satisfied, so I also had some baby carrots dipped in a low-fat creamy bleu cheese wedge.  For dessert, I had an 1/8 of a cup (1/2 a serving) of my dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  Because I will eat all of whatever I put in front of myself, I will only take the 1/8 cup scoop with me to the couch.  Otherwise, the whole package would have been devoured.

10:30:  Since I’m back home, Ian and I have been doing some serious late night snacking!  Last night, we popped in the movie Saved and made a giant bowl of delicious popcorn made on the stove-top.  If you do not make your popcorn this way, start now.  Immediately.  It tastes better than microwaveable popcorn, doesn’t have all those nasty chemicals, and is much healthier for you.  We popped 5 TBSP of popcorn in 1 TBSP oil and added sea salt and garlic pepper as our toppings.  I definitely ate my half of the bowl.  It was so good, even Olive, my kitty, wanted some!

1:00 a.m.:  I finally drift off to sleep, feeling sore but satisfied.


2 Responses to “A Week Recorded: Day 1”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Wow, I got a workout just reading about your day. You’re amazing! Love the hair. ❤

  2. Chocolate covered pomogranate seeds? OMG!! AMAZING!!! They didn’t have that when I used to live by a Trader Joe’s!! I’m so mad!!! Now I am very very far away from Trader Joe’s… 😦 Sad. Lucky you!!! Enjoy it all for me!!!

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