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A Week Recorded: Days 4 & 5 August 6, 2010

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Yes, day 4.  Yes, I know I missed my update yesterday, and this means I’ll be docked a letter grade and it goes on my permanent record.  Haha, teacher humor.  Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling too hot last night, so I opted for some R&R and went to sleep early.  You’ll get a double post today to make up for it!

So, to clarify, the following  was actually two days ago.  Here’s Day 4:

10:00a.m.:  I started the day with my usual pre-Bikram routine!  I had my PG Tips, but switched from cottage cheese to fat free Greek yogurt with 4 strawberries, a tablespoon of flax,  a tablespoon of coco powder, and stevia.  I served it up in a pretty glass bowl I made a few months ago.  My entire breakfast was eaten from things I made, come to think of it.  Neat!

10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Bikram yoga.  I had a little more trouble with the balances today.  I wonder why.  Afterward, I scarfed down a banana bread Larabar, took a quick shower, and rushed to my Dermatologist appointment!

2:15 p.m.:  Dermatologist appointment.  The good news:  no skin cancer!  The better news: prescription strength Retinol to keep me looking beautiful and acne-free!  The not-so-great news:  I’m out $55.00.  God, my insurance sucks.

3:30 p.m.:  I got back to the house pretty hungry.  I made an omelet, this time with four eggs, two whole and two whites (since I was very hungry and didn’t have enough eggs to do my usual).  I picked a yellow squash from my garden, and threw slices of that, spinach, mushrooms, green onions, and 1/4 a cup of low fat mozzarella cheese in and garnished the plate with three strawberries.

4:44 p.m.:  For my pre-work out snack i had an 1/8 cup of dark chocolate pomegranate seeds (sadly, the last of my pack) and 15 macadamia nuts.

5:30 p.m.:  I was all geared up for my cardio+strength training class at the YMCA, only to arrive to find it canceled!  I was sad, but not too sad since Ian had put on an adorable pouty “but i don’t want you to go” face before I left.  Instead of the 1 hour 15 minute long class, I just did some weight room training.  I started with 50 push ups (1 set of 20, 2 sets of 15) and sit-ups in the stretch room, and then moved to the big scary man weight room and did bicep curls, overhead presses, and squats (12 lbs, 3 sets of 10 for each), skull crushers (10 lbs, 3 sets of 10) and the hip adductor/abductor machines (60lbs/90lbs, 3 sets of 10) before heading back home.

6:30 p.m.:  I decide to put on something nice and do my make-up.  This doesn’t happen too often during the week for me anymore, so I made Ian take some pictures.

7:30 p.m.:  Ian and I headed out to run some errands, and had to stop some place to eat.  I announced that there was a Beyond Bread and a Fuddruckers at the corner, but before I could say I’d really prefer a healthy Beyond Bread salad, Ian started doing little mental cartwheels at the though of eating at Fuddruckers again and reliving his childhood.  How could I say no?  They have neat exotic meat burgers there that are free-range & antibiotic free, so it wasn’t going to be too bad for me.   I originally wanted ostrich, but they were out!  Instead I got a bun-less elk burger (which, according to their chart, was lean and savory) with Monterey Jack cheese, mushrooms, and guacamole, and split a side of sweet potato fries with Ian (though I probably ended up eating more like 2/3 of them.  I ❤ sweet potato fries) with ketchup.  I didn’t have my camera with me, so the best I could do was a blurry camera phone photo.  I also ended up having a full glass of diet coke!  Mostly because she charged me for a drink I didn’t ask for but I didn’t want to make a fuss about it.  I almost NEVER drink soda, and it’s even rarer for me to drink diet.  But I slurped down a whole glass of it with all it’s tasty chemically refined, cancer causing sweetness.  Cancer never tasted so good.

12:00 a.m.:  I made it through the night with no snacking!  After that dinner, though, it’s hardly a victory.   I got to bed a bit later than I would have liked, considering the early day I’d be having tomorrow…

Now, on to Day 5!

7:00 a.m.:  Since Ian had to work at 8 a.m., I decided to wake up early with him and get Bikram out of the way so we could spend some time together later on.  Once again, I had my usual, a cup of PG Tips with stevia and fat free milk and a cup of fat free cottage cheese with 5 strawberries and 1 TBSP ground flax.  This time I could only manage three full glasses of water before class, which left me feeling a little less hydrated than normal.

Even Olive understands the importance of good hydration!

9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.:  Holy Bikram, was this a hard class!  The combination of less water and less sleep made it difficult to get through.  Usually I barely notice the heat, but today the heat seemed to be clinging to my every pore, my stomach hurt, and I had to pee throughout almost the entire class.  Bleh.

11:30 a.m.:  I felt better after a refreshing shower, and settled down with a snack/lunch of carrot sticks with 2 TBSP peanut butter and a low fat blue cheese wedge for dipping.  I also munched on a garden tomato before running out to my dentist appointment.

1:00 p.m.:  Dental Village has gotten some bad reviews, and I thought about getting a new dentist, but I’m glad I didn’t.  They had a staff change, and the doctor I saw FINALLY acknowledged my chipped filling I’ve been telling them about for years.  Now I’ve got another cavity in that tooth, probably because nobody ever listened to me and I always have mountains of food lodged in where the chip is.  I’m schedule to get it filled tomorrow.  That aside, I passed my dental exam with flying colors!

Scary poster in my dental exam room.  For the record, I am the top picture.

3:00 p.m.:  Truly Nolan came to look at the HORRIBLE cricket infestation we’ve got.  They’re going to treat it Friday, thankfully.  After their very nice employee left, I made myself an extra big salad with romaine, 1/2 cucumber, 1 garden tomato, 1/3 an avocado, 1/3 cup shaved Parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, 5 thin slices of deli turkey, and 2 TBSP of fat free balsamic vinaigrette.

Hopefully none of these made their way into my salad…

5:30 p.m.:  I had been excited about climbing, but started feeling sort of weird around 4.  I ate a white chocolate macadamia nut Luna bar and laid down on the couch for a while, but still felt a little dizzy and nauseous.  I took a little half hour nap and woke up still feeling off, but decided to suck it up and go to Rocks and Ropes anyway and just take it easy.

7:30-8:45 p.m.:  I only climbed two easy walls at Rocks and Ropes, but I was glad I went out.  On the 7+ I started on I actually knocked my glasses off and had to catch them while still holding on to the wall by wedging them between my arm and the rope!  A little nerve wracking, to say the least.

10:30 p.m.: I was feeling a little better but hungry, so I had my usual late night junk food fix.  I had my usual 2 1/2 TBSP of popcorn with 1/2 TBSP oil, but was still craving something sweet afterward, so I had a 1/2 cup of my fat free chocolate sorbet.  I would have stopped there if Ian hadn’t brought out a big bowl of cookies and cream Blue Bunny ice cream, which I definitely ate my fair share of.  Sigh.

Olive likes popcorn almost as much as me!

Ice cream, you scream…

12:00 a.m.:  After a nice, relaxing night, I’m feeling much better, and get to sleep a little early so I can get plenty of sleep before tomorrow’s Bikram!


3 Responses to “A Week Recorded: Days 4 & 5”

  1. Katy Says:

    Dear Vanessa, I have a question. I was wondering how much you know about muscle weight. Here’s my situation– I’ve spent every day, all summer, outside doing something. Whether it’s pulling back english ivy, hand-tilling up spearmint roots or painting an entire house (among other things) I’ve still been out there doing it. And keeping myself so busy means that I’m not sitting on my bum munching on things I’m not even hungry for. While I could make more time to prepare a lot of meals, I’ve really kept to high fiber things when I need that carb boost and veggies for dinner. Yet for some reason, I’m not losing any weight at all and some weeks, I’ve been up as much as 10 pounds from my normal weight. Is that weird or what? I’m not down on myself as much as I would thought I’d be, because I can feel my muscle growth so much. Any thoughts?

    Also, you mentioned weight training– when I went to the gym, the light weights felt like air. Is it better to just use lighter weights if you don’t want the bulk even if it feels like it’s not doing anything? (I’d usually do about 20-25 each weight and can bench press about 50.)

  2. fitnessie Says:

    Dear Katie,
    I wish I had an answer 😦 I know that sometimes there can be a small initial gain of weight when you add on a lot of muscle, but usually after that you start losing it a little quicker because of the muscle. I know you eat healthy and are active, so it doesn’t make sense to me that you’ve gained weight– is it just water weight/bloat/normal fluctuations? I could see not losing weight if you were doing mostly strength-type work and felt stronger, but from what trainers have told me you’d have to be gaining a LOT of muscle to actually gain weight from it. If I were you, I might get my thyroid checked. Sometimes medications or birth control can make you gain weight too– are you any any of that?
    Scale weight isn’t as important as how you are feeling, and if you’re feeling good, then maybe your hard work isn’t showing on the scale. Try doing a body fat percentage or measurements. Are you clothes fitting better? That might be a better “health” assessment for you if you’re toning up but not losing weight. Everyone responds differently, and maybe because you’ve been more active your body is hanging on to what you eat, especially if you’ve not been eating enough. Those are all just guesses, though…
    As for the weights, I’m a little confused. When you say light, how many pounds are you doing? And for what exercises? Is the 20-25 you mentioned reps or pounds? I bench press about 50lbs too, but I can only do 3 sets of 10. What I’ve been told about weights is that you should be able to do 3 sets of 10 and by your third set you should be struggling to finish. I think that you should use whatever weights make that happen for you even if they’re heavier. You should try switching up your exercises if they’re getting “easy”, like doing a different position for the same muscle, or take shorter breaks between sets, to increase intensity.
    Hahah, I’m sorry this is so long. I hope it’s at least sort of helpful!

    • Katy Says:

      It is, thanks! I knew all of this, I just get frustrated sometimes. I’m not on any medication, but I’m fairly sensitive to certain foods. Salt really really makes me swell up quickly, so maybe I should try to ween that out of my diet a bit. I’m pretty sure my weight gain was period related, but still, ten pounds is a lot even for me with that. I decided over the last couple of days that I’m just going to pull a Vanessa and start tracking what I eat, and figure out what I need more or less of. I have a difficult time eating enough period, I think, and I’m not sure if it’s because I stay ridiculously hydrated or what (like if it gives me the sensation of feeling full… I drink about 3 liters of water on average, way more if I’m active, though.)

      With the weights– One of my good friends lost a bunch of weight before she got pregnant and mentioned to me how she uses weights to do toning, and that she’d never go above 8 lbs. But when I use 8 lb weights, I feel like I’m flailing my limbs around like an idiot, haha! 20-25 referred to the pounds I’d use on various weights for various things, and my main question was if that’s too much weight for toning? Would that just bulk me up? My mom’s side is crazy thick and muscular. For reference: Mike got me in to doing push ups every night and after a week, I had crazy man neck muscles 😦

      I’m really excited! We are getting our flooring redone in the creepy part of the house, and Mike’s agreed to turn the area that was a second kitchen (that we don’t need at all!) into a fitness area. I was really nervous that leaving my apartment’s gym was going to throw me off in the winter, but now I’ll be able to get space friendly workout machines! Eee!

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