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An end of the summer summary August 18, 2010

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Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos?   I’ve been trying to upload muffin pictures everyday and the uploader continues to not work for me!  Grrrr.  Oh well, moving on.


At the start of the summer, I took my measurements and weight.  This past Sunday, I did the same thing.  So what’s changed?  A lot!

May 24th

Weight:  143 lb

Bust (nipple line):             34 1/2″      
Chest (just under bust):             32 1/2″      
Waist (1/2″ above belly button):         31″       
Hips (biggest part of hips):         40″      
Thighs (widest part):             L: 23 1/8″      R: 23 1/8″   
Calves (widest part):             L: 14 1/2″      R: 14 1/2″   
Upper Arm (largest part above elbow):     L: 11 1/8″      R: 11″     
Forearm (largest part):             L: 10 1/4″     R: 10″

August 15th

Weight:  138.4  (down 4.6lbs!)

Bust (nipple line):             33 3/4″      (-3/4″)
Chest (just under bust):             31″        (-1  1/2″)  
Waist (1/2″ above belly button):         29 1/2″        (-1/2″)   
Hips (biggest part of hips):         38 1/4″        (-1  3/4″!!!!)
Thighs (widest part):             L:22 1/2″        (-5/8″)     R: 22 3/4″        (-3/8′)
Calves (widest part):             L: 14 1/4″       ( -1/4″)      R: 14 1/4″       (-1/4″)
Upper Arm (largest part above elbow):     L: 11 1/4″        (+1/8″)      R: 11 1/2″        (+1/2″)
Forearm (largest part):             L: 10 1/4″     R: 10″  (no change)

The measurement I’m most excited by is my hips!  That’s where I have the most weight to lose, so it’s exciting to me that I’ve actually lost from there!  The measurement that saddens me the most is my chest.  Where have my boobs gone!?  The measurement that is most confusing to me is my upper arm, but I have been doing a lot of strength exercises that could cause my arm diameter to increase slightly, and I think my arms don’t look any fatter, so I’m not going to fret about it.

Also, I tried on clothing at Twice as Nice today and snagged an awesome pair of jeans from Banana Republic that were size 8!  And, while it always depends on the style/fit of pants, I’m pretty solidly a size 8 now.  I can’t believe I’m a single digit size for the first time in my adult life.  Considering that about a month of my summer was spent away from diet and (a lot of) exercising, I’m really proud of myself!  I feel like I’m making healthier decisions about my life and not losing weight too quickly, but am still making progress.  It feels good!


4 Responses to “An end of the summer summary”

  1. xristinejoyce Says:

    Awesome progress!! And I am looking forward to your muffin pics…hope it works soon!

  2. You are awesome! Good job! Shopping for clothes is so much more fun when you fit into a smaller size isn’t it???

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