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Carb Lovers Diet, Day 1 August 30, 2010

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So, yesterday was sort of a strange day for me, since I spent most of the day buying my brand spanking new car!

It was a very exciting, long day for me. I found out that I absolutely HATE car dealerships, but that I’m willing to drive for four hours to save $350. This is the first car I’ve ever bought! I’ve had the same car since I started driving, and while my little cavalier had been good for me, it was time to move on.

That being said, it was a little hard to stay on my new diet. I did the best I could under the circumstances, though.

Weight: 138.8lbs

Exercise: Sadly, none. First full day I’ve taken off in a month!


Green Machine Smoothie!

* 1 banana (as unripe as possible)
* 1/2 cup ice
* 1 1/2 cups 1% milk
* 2 TSP honey
* 1 cup baby spinach

This past summer, Steff introduced me to the delicious green machine smoothie. Unfortunately, my prior diet didn’t let me take advantage of all its tasty green goodness. But one of the breakfast options for the carb lovers diet is a banana smoothie, so why not throw a cup of spinach into it? It’s delicious, great for you, and only adds 10 calories to the smoothie, which I’m sure didn’t affect the diet at all.

Throw all those ingredients in a blender and, well, blend. Then drink. If you’ve never had a green machine smoothie, don’t be afraid that it will taste gross or like spinach, because it doesn’t. The banana does an amazing job of covering up any spinach taste. 310 calories of delicious filling smoothie goodness!



* 1/2 cup corn flakes
* 2 TBSP almond slices
* 2 TBSP cranberries

The diet actually calls for dried cherries, but i’m not a big cherry fan, and I don’t think it really changed the nutrition too much. I just mixed these ingredients in a little baggie and brought them with me to the first car dealership I visited. It’s got around 150 calories in it, and was quite filling and delicious.


Chicken Stuffed Pita Sandwiches

* 4 oz grilled chicken strips
* 4 mini whole wheat pitas (or 1 normal large pita)
* 1 cup spinach
* 1/2 cup chopped red pepper

* Fat Free balsamic vinaigrette

I grilled the chicken and then threw the red pepper in at the end since I’m not a fan of it raw. I was unfortunately in too much of a rush to take a picture, but Trader Joes only had the mini pitas, which are cute but a pain to stuff. This made them a little sloppy, but still pretty tasty. The only thing I really missed was a little cheese– a bit of fat-free feta would have been nice. But they filled me up and clocked in a little shy of 400 calories.


Baja Chicken Tacos!?

So, after getting stuck in traffic because of a 65 (not exaggerating) car pile up on the highway, I barely made it to the dealership in Phoenix before they closed. We didn’t leave it till about 9:30p.m., and there was no way I was going to drive the 2+ hours home without getting dinner. We passed a Cheesecake Factory on the way in, and because Ian and his dad were such great sports about spending their whole day helping me get a car, I treated them to dinner. I tried to get something on the menu that seemed “diet friendly”, and ended up with the Baja Chicken Tacos with black beans and brown rice. The order came with four soft corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, cabbage, cheese, avocado, some kind of super fattening spicy sauce, and sour cream. I ended up eating 2 of them and all of the black beans/rice (though that portion was pretty small, about a cup). I also noshed on two pieces of the honey whole wheat brown bread before the meal came. You have to understand how STARVING and exhausted I was at this point!

There are, needless to say, no photos of this meal, but there will be of the leftovers! I looked up the calories when I got home– the whole order had 1200 calories! I’ m not sure if that includes the side that came with it or not, but I’m sure I ate at least 800 calories this meal even after only eating half the tacos. Oh well! I’ll extend my diet experiment another day to make up for last night’s failure since I want to give it a fair try!


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