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Carb Lovers Diet, A Review September 7, 2010

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So, if you’re just tuning in now, I more or less followed The Carb Lovers Diet’s first week of recommendations.  Unfortunately, womanhood interfered with a final weigh in, but my guess is that after an initial weight loss because of the reduction in calories, my body adjusted to the new regiment and I lost maybe 1lb-2lbs after the week of dieting (along with my normal exercise).  This is unfortunately inaccurate due to PMS, bloating, and an off-diet weekend.

So, what did I think?

The Pros

  • I ate carbs! For a long time I’ve just equated carbs with weight gain.  While I understand that ANY calorie restrictive diet will make you lose weight, eating potatoes, beans, whole wheat pasta, and rye bread all week made me realize that I can have my carbs and eat them, too!  I think that certain carbohydrates are healthy in moderation. So I can thank this diet experiment for re-introducing me to some healthy starches which I’ll now start to incorporate into my daily diet!  I still prefer a salad over a sandwich and cottage cheese over oatmeal, but there are some tasty foods I can’t wait to reincorporate into my daily life, like green machine smoothies, chili, and sweet potato fries!
  • I tried something new. I felt like I needed to switch things up for a week, and I’m glad I did.  Sometimes eating differently for a week can make you appreciate a lot of the foods you had been eating but taking for granted (like omelets!  I missed my omelets!).  It’s also fun to learn new recipes and try new foods.  Even though I know that a strict diet plan isn’t for me forever, sometimes it’s fun to do for a short amount of time.
  • I ate lots of fiber! It made my digestive tract quite happy!

The Cons

  • I HATE calorie restrictive diets! Not only do I HATE HATE HATE counting calories, but I also exercise far too much to have a calorie-counting diet to work.  That’s why I love my regular low-carb diet– I never count calories and can usually eat as much as I want (and the protein helps me feel fuller longer!) whenever I feel hungry.  On this diet, I would feel full after eating, but an hour or two later, my stomach would start to grumble again and there would be nothing I could do about it!  I did the math, and I actually eat fewer calories but more satisfying foods the way I was eating before.
  • I ❤ Protein And this diet definitely did not give me enough of it!  My boyfriend was sick all last week, so I didn’t go climbing until Friday, but if I had been climbing in addition to my normal routine, I probably would have died without adding in another snack!
  • The over-indulgent weekend I had after the diet was over. Now, technically you can say that this isn’t the diet’s fault, but I think it has to assume partial blame.  Doing a diet where you feel restricted from eating foods you are craving will eventually lead to binging (in my case on lots of meat and chocolate).  While I may have lost a pound or two over the week, I’m sure I negated any of that with the mountain of dark chocolate, ribs, french fries and hot wings I consumed this weekend.  I felt deprived from my week, and that combined with my normal monthly cravings caused me to go completely off the healthy wagon.  If you have a tendency to binge and purge, I would say this diet is definitely not for you.

To summarize, while I thought switching up my diet was fun and got me thinking about some old foods in a new way, I wouldn’t recommend it for weight loss.  It just lead to an unhealthy indulgent weekend that I’m feeling the effects of now (I can’t believe I used to eat and feel like this everyday).  I’m more than ready to get back to eating healthy now– and I will tonight with my five ingredient challenge dinner!


4 Responses to “Carb Lovers Diet, A Review”

  1. My mom is always saying, “I need to lose weight. Guess I need to stop eating Carbs…” and I always have to explain to her that you can’t completely eliminate all carbs…. you have to eat them in moderation!

    Did I tell you once I went on the Atkins diet? HAHAHA CRAZY!!!!! All I remember eating was steak and bacon. How is that healthy?!?!?! lol

    A free weekend here or there is good. I don’t feel so guilty now that I know I wasn’t the only one eating badly this weekend. hehe 🙂 Back to healthy eating for us!!!

    • fitnessie Says:

      I tried to Atkins diet years ago too! It was awful, I remember eating cheese, bacon, and meat for a week straight, my skin actually felt greasy! Then I got all that processed “Atikins” crap. Ugh.

  2. xristinejoyce Says:

    Thanks for the review! I think you are right and you have to eat in a way best for you, but I’m sure changing it up now and then helps to shake up the routine!

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