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When life gives you snow, you make… a parking spot!? December 28, 2010

Filed under: Exercise — fitnessie @ 4:21 pm

I’ve officially survived the blizzard of 2010!  I’m sure that snow for a lot of people just means a hassle and a mess, but to this Tucsonian it means 20″ inches of fluffy white fun fell all over the state!  However, it definitely meant no running on the track for a couple days.  I guess I’m just not hardcore enough to try to wade-run!

However, this didn’t grind my exercise resolution to a halt.  Save for Christmas day, I’ve exercised every day of my trip!  So I couldn’t wait to go outside yesterday and shovel my Mom out of this winter wonderland!

As long as the wind didn’t blow, I wasn’t too cold, despite how ill-equipped for the snow I was.  No snow pants, no snow gloves (by the end of it I went through three pairs!), and certainly no snow boots.  But I completed the walkway in no time, and thought to myself, this is going to be easy!

And then I saw my Mom’s car.  This was some intense shoveling!  The snow plough had made drifts half as high as me all around her SUV, which needed a pretty sizeable space shoveled around it.  So, I shoveled.  And shoveled and shoveled and shoveled.  I was a shoveling machine!  My Mom helped a little, but has been feeling sick, so most of this was all me.

So, here I am, about to fall over one sweaty, shovel-tastic hour later.  Afterwards I felt some well-deserved snow fun was in order, so we headed to the park!   My Mom and I built a snow man, made snow angels, and frolicked.  After all, how many times will I get to play in snow like this again!?

Here’s the worlds smallest little snowman chilling out in the park.  My mom brought out a bag of the carrot chips we’ve been eating all week for the decorations.  Cute little guy!

And let me just say… I woke up this morning with a practically paralyzed shoulder!  That was some GREAT exercise!  Now I just need that snowman to come to life and give me a massage!


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