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Out of sight, but not out of mind. February 16, 2011

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So I’ve been admittedly absent from the blogging world lately!  But that doesn’t mean my healthy living quest has ended.  I’ve just been blog-neglectful!

So here’s a quick month summary of what’s been going on with me in the world of health:

The break-room at my job has struck again.  I’ve gained almost 5lbs from sugary sweets!  It’s made me feel bloated, sluggish, grumpy, and all around unhealthy.  So it’s ending now.  I’m officially starting my “last 10lbs goal”, which is mainly to lose my last 10lbs, have a 5lb fluctuation range, and stop thinking about my weight.

Recently I had an encounter with someone that made me really question why I cared about this.  Was it to please someone other than myself?  Talking to someone who has opposite body ideals than the norm made me question whether or not I’d consider gaining weight for a partner.  This was an interesting idea to me, since most partners have always wanted me to lose weight.  After giving it some thought, I realized that what I’m doing with my body is really, truly for myself, and not about whether or not someone would be happier with me thinner or fatter.  I make choices with my body based on what would make me happiest.  I’m confident being strong, feeling healthy, and with how I look.  And no one person can take that away from me.

So, does that mean I’m tackling one of my new years resolutions?  Slowly but surely!  I’ve been making progress at Rocks and Ropes as well.  I’m able to climb half of the 9+ routes there, though not without some pit stops.  Still, 10a is just one little jump away!  I’ve also cashed in my Groupon this month for Crossfit Purgatory, which I’ve actually really been enjoying (despite these incredibly embarrassing pictures they posted of me on their blog)!

Next month I’ll start my half marathon training, which I’ll hopefully run in April.  All in all, I feel good about my progress!

Also, while it’s a little unrelated to health and fitness, I did finally have my tattoo finished!  And I think not having to sit in a chair for 5+ hours of pain every other week has made me a bit healthier.



I’ve also been trying to go on more hikes lately on account of the gorgeous weather in Tucson.  I went on a pretty nice one to Tanque Verde Falls at the start of the month.

So, look forward to more frequent blog posts!  I’ve got a sweet potato shepard’s pie recipe and a Crossfit Purgatory update in the works!


3 Responses to “Out of sight, but not out of mind.”

  1. Ian Says:

    She’s not joking about the progress she’s made at Rocks and Ropes. She’s almost as good as I am now!

  2. Nicole Says:

    I totally agree that it’s more about feeling healthy for yourself than about being thin or fat. I feel absolutely disgusting after family or work parties where people force sugary desserts and super rick foods on me. It gives me headaches, tummy aches and makes me feel sluggish too. I physically feel so much better eating my own cooked meals where I know I used healthy substitutes for butter, sugar, etc.
    P.s. Starting new years I stopped eating chicken too so now we’re totally vegetarian (well we still eat fish occasionally). It’s forced me to find out so much about other delicious protein and iron alternatives!

  3. xj Says:

    Hey you! Glad to “hear” from you! 1. Good luck on the last 10 pounds! Very interesting point you brought up about your motivation. I’ve asked myself the same question and I came to the same conclusion! We’ve come this far…why not tackle the last 10#s! 2. I do CF too and yes, they do like embarrassing pictures. =) 3. Love the tat!

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